Resources for Decolonizing Our Ways of Being

Self-educating, having conversations about anti-Black racism with loved ones, and raising younger generations to be champions of racial justice are crucial components of anti-racism work. Here are some resources we hope might help in your journey of practicing an anti-racist way of living. 

  • Black Lives Matter Translated - A crowdsourced repository of materials in Asian & Pacific Islander diasporic languages. Compiled by the National Asian Pacific American Women’s Forum.
  • Las Vidas Negras Importan - A list of advocacy resources compiled by Black Lives Matter organizers and translated to Spanish. 
  • Letters for Black Lives - A set of crowdsourced resources aimed at creating space for conversations about racial justice, police violence, and anti-Blackness in our families and communities. Translated in 30 languages. Includes social media graphics. 

"Adults often think they should avoid talking with young children about race or racism because doing so would cause them to notice race or make them racist. In fact, when adults are silent about race or use ‘colorblind’ rhetoric, they actually reinforce racial prejudice in children. Starting at a very young age, children see patterns — who seems to live where; what kinds of homes they see as they ride or walk through different neighborhoods; who is the most desirable character in the movies they watch; who seems to have particular jobs or roles at the doctor's office, at school, at the grocery store; and so on — and try to assign ‘rules’ to explain what they see. 

Adults' silence about these patterns and the structural racism that causes them, combined with the false but ubiquitous ‘American Dream’ narrative that everyone can achieve anything that they want through hard work, results in children concluding that the patterns they see ‘must have been caused by meaningful inherent differences between groups.’ In other words, young children infer that the racial inequities they see are natural and justified. So despite good intentions, when we fail to talk openly with our children about racial inequity in our society, we are in fact contributing to the development of their racial biases, which studies show are already in place.” --Dr. Erin Winkler, 2017, The Conscious Kid

Advice on Raising Anti-racist Kids

Purchase from Black-Owned Bookstores

Below is a list of Black-owned bookstores selling children's and YA books online. As there is a push towards purchasing from Black-owned businesses, please be patient with potential backorders.  This article by Red Tricycle lists several other local Black-Owned bookstores by state.

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