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Download the file: Elder Family Caregiving in the context of COVID-19


  • Richard Hara, MSW, PhD, LCSW (Bio)
  • Jinyu Liu, MSW, PhD Associate Professor (Bio)
  • Jeanette Takamura, Professor and Dean Emerita, MSW, PhD (Bio)


Family caregivers continue to provide significant long term care support and assistance to older persons who are able to remain in their homes and communities. Policies related to the caregiving needs of both care recipients and family caregivers have been enacted at the national level and in a small number of leading states. These policies and resulting programs have differed in their foci, provisions, and reach. The aims of the webinar are to:

  • Describe the contours of COVID19 in relation to the older adult population
  • Analyze elder caregiving by families and its challenges in the COVID environment
  • Identify federal policies and programs that may be of assistance to elder caregivers in light of COVID
  • Identify available services and family caregiver support best practices, with particular attention to mental health needs and services
  • Describe one subpopulation of family caregivers in NYC extant policies and programs and the research that has shaped their implementation.

The presenters note the “no wrong door” approach, suggest how access to services can be best secured, and give special attention to mental health and other supportive services, acknowledging the challenges that are faced by caregivers of persons with dementia.